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By boosting your players' dribbling skills they will be able to advance the ball up the court, get open for a shot, beat players in the 1v1 or simply kill the clock at the end of a game. Dribbling in basketball technique. Use the fingertips, and not the palms of the hand; Keep the head and eyes up - do not look at the ball; learn to use both hands

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Similar to shooting, you should avoid handling the ball with the palm of your hand and make sure the last contact you leave, is with your fingertips. Dribbling off your fingertips allows you to maintain solid control over the ball, no matter which way you move. 2. Don’t be lazy with your dribbling.

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Up and Downs - Pound Dribble Start by dribbling the ball in front of you so that the ball reaches your waist high. Gradually, bounce the ball harder and harder until you are dribbling the ball as high as you can without jumping. Then gradually dribble the ball lower and lower until you are on one knee, finishing as close to the floor as possible.

Basketball Dribble Drills - V Dribble - Basketball Crossover

This is one of basketball dribble drills for your ball handling workout. It is also known as a front V dribble drill. Dribbling video bellow showing you exactly how to perform this dribbling drill. It is a part of basketball crossover done with one hand. It can be a part of in and out fake move. When you performing fundamental basketball drills you should always remember my basketball dribbling tips.

Top 10 Basketball Dribbling Drills - A Comprehensive Guide

The best basketball dribbling drills are essentially completed in three phases. The first of those phases is mastering movement. The second of those phases will be to master handling. The final phase will be to combine both movement and handling into one fluid motion that facilitates the efficient and effective use of the basketball dribble.

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This drill offers your players a great way to work on their ball control and develop fluidly basketball dribbling patterns. Because it involves using both hands, it will also boost your players’ coordination and awareness of what’s happening around the ball.

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The first basketball games were played with soccer balls. However, they proved to be unsuitable for dribbling and ball handling. The first manufactured basketballs were produced in 1894 by a bicycle manufacturing company. In the late 1890's Spalding took over as the official ball maker.

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