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What are the rules of indoor and beach volleyball? Step on or over the end line when taking a serve. Hit or serve the ball into the net. Touch the net while the ball is in play. Reach over the net to get the ball. You may reach over to execute a follow-through or block a returning ball. Reach under ...

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The youth volleyball ball for indoor use is 63 to 65-centimeters or 25 to 26-inches in circumference. They weigh 9.2 to 9.9 ounces, or 260-280-grams. Internal pressure of these balls are set at 4.3 psi or 0.30-kgf-per-centimeter-squared. The adult indoor volleyball ball is 65 to 67-centimeters or 25.5 to 26.5-inches in circumference. They weigh 9.2 to 9.9-ounces or 260 to 280-grams.

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Basic Combinations of Sets High ball outside, 2 ball to the middle, high ball backset. This is the most basic of plays. Usually the higher the set... High ball outside, quick 1 ball to the middle, backset 2 ball. This is a much faster combination of attack. This... Shoot to the outside, 31 ball to ...

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Volleyball’s not that hard when there’s no other team involved. It’s one teammate setting the ball for you to spike. Do you think you can handle that? Instructions. Tap J to jump and get high. F to spike.

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This video discusses the basics of volleyball and goes over the rules. Its great for beginners to learn how to play volleyball.This video is a compilation of...

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This scores a point for the serving team. This is a vital point in how to play volleyball. The ball is considered to be good if the ball is grounded on the line. The ball is served by the back row right side corner player in the team.

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Volleyball, game played by two teams, usually of six players on a side, in which the players use their hands to bat a ball back and forth over a high net, trying to make the ball touch the court within the opponents’ playing area before it can be returned. To prevent this a player on the opposing team bats the ball up and toward a teammate before it touches the court surface—that teammate may then volley it back across the net or bat it to a third teammate who volleys it across the net.

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The volley Lite is definitely a very interesting ball. This ball weighs in around 7.5 ounces where normal regulation balls weigh in around 9.2 to 9.9 ounces. This ball is nice and light and is easy to handle. It almost feels like a sponge so it’s easy to receive and easy to set.