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There are six types of lines on a regulation, indoor volleyball court. As a player or viewer, you may hear the lines be called multiple names: 1. Baselines / End Lines. 2. Sidelines. 3. Attack Line / Three-Meter Line. 4.

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The ten foot line, is the same line as the attack line and/or the three meter line. The name of these court lines will change depending on who you play against and in what city, state or country you play the game. Volleyball Court Lines on Diagram of The Ten Foot Line.

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This is also referred to as the 3-meter line. The area between net and attack line where front-row players are positioned is referred to as the frontcourt. The backcourt is the area between the attack line and the end line where the players in the back row stand. The service area is the space beyond either end line where a player stands while serving. Player Positioning. What are the positions in volleyball?

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Outer Line. This is the line that circles the whole court and marks the limits of where the ball is at stake. What this means is that if the ball touches the ground outside these lines, the team that has last touched the ball gives a point to winning to the opposing team, since it has sent off the field. Central Line.

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The volleyball court llnes include four sidelines, two endlines, two attack lines and a centerline which outline and mark the boundaries of volleyball court playing area. The playing area for a court is in the shape of a large rectangle that measures 30 feet by 60 feet. The boundaries of the court are referred to as lines.

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Free zone, endline, attack line, sideline, and centerline. FREE ZONE: The free zone is the area outside the boundary lines of the court where players sometimes make plays. NET: The net is the volleyball net that goes down the middle of the court and divides each teams playing area in half. REPLACEMENT ZONE:

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The free zone is the area outside the boundary lines of the court where players sometimes make plays. Centerline. The centerline is the line that runs underneath the net. This line is the width of the court and divides the volleyball court into two equal halves.

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Volleyball Rotations - How to Call Volleyball Court Positions? Instead of Position 1 or Zone 1, coaches often call these rotating positions.. P1 > Right Back P2 > Right Front P3 > Middle Front P4 > Left Front P5 > Left Back P6 > Middle Back Basic starting line up - 6 positions of volleyball in basic 5-1 Rotation